BabeBox Reviews 2020: Best Cosmetics Beauty Subscription Box

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BabeBox is a monthly subscription of beauty & makeup that sends 5-6 full-sized products. They promise at least $100 or $150+ value each month, depending where you look on their website. BabeBox is $29 a month; shipping to the US is $4.95, worldwide is $5.95. (We were charged $6.95 for shipping on the $29 box too.)

What is BabeBox?

BabeBox is a subscription-based service that delivers you a box of exclusive beauty products and skincare. Each box, curated personally by our in-house beauty consultant, includes 4-6 high quality, exclusive and limited edition beauty products in several categories including skincare, bath and body, hair care, makeup, facial masks and beauty accessories).

Babebox Review

The Best Beauty Box

Babebox is without a doubt one of the best beauty boxes out there. While most other boxes merely send samples and travel-size products, Babebox gives its customers full-size products. They make sure to analyze the history of products before packing and sending them off. Babebox was started by a team of animal-lovers who are not interested in picking up products associated with animal cruelty.

It doesn’t matter where you live on this planet, just sign up, select a plan, and boom! You’ll receive your first beauty box in a couple of days. The beauty products are diverse and hold more than $80 in value. Women understand one thing about succeeding in life. It’s all about the impression you create in others. And that’s why women don’t hold back when it comes to looking their best.

When you wear bright clothes, and your face glows, the world takes notice and pays you attention, but if you have a pudgy, pimply face, and a bad smell trailing you, people will quickly forget about you (after making fun of you).

what’s in a BabeBox?

Simply put, BabeBox contains beauty products that make you feel and look like a supermodel, without having to devote your life to find them. It contains full-sized products, not samples, that are premium and cruelty-free.

Plus, it contains products with a value of over $80! So for a free first box, and even the following boxes, you are getting an extremely profitable deal!

Why Choose Babebox?

You know, subscription boxes are a big thing now. The competition is tight, which is good because it keeps the companies in check; there’s no arrogance on the part of the company or else customers will flee.

In the domain of beauty products, Babebox stands tall, boasting tens of thousands of subscribers. These numbers are on an upward trajectory as more women hear of it. But the big question is: What makes Babebox popular?

Importance of Beauty

Tell you what? Beauty counts for much. As human beings, we are judgmental, and yes we judge people depending on their outward appearance.

I can almost hear you shout from the depths of your soul, “Nooo! I judge people basing on their character!” Can I tell you something, sweetie? That’s your conscious mind speaking.

Your subconscious mind will always contradict you when the moment comes. For instance, you will be less harsh on beautiful people as compared to ugly people.

How does BabeBox work?

BabeBox is super simple. First, you sign up for your first free BabeBox and pay shipping. Then they will curate your beauty products, pack them, ship them, and you will get to enjoy them.

The result? As a BabeBox subscriber, you will receive a monthly box of premium and exclusive beauty products that will not only make you look great but also feel great. And all for a fraction of the price!

Where and how to buy BabeBox?

Please note that this product is not available in local pharmacies or Amazon. You have to buy it from their official website only, where this is readily available. You can read BabeBox review.

Babebox Price

Overall Impression

The total retail value of this box is $85, which is almost tripled the value of what I paid for the box. Also, I liked everything in this box and will definitely use all of it. That is a huge plus because it is hard to find a beauty box that I will use everything that is sent to me. My favorite item is the Aesthetica strobe highlighting kit, but I love it all. I am very pleased with this box. To get your first box FREE* just click the Here.


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